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Thank you Eco Friendly supporters for getting in contact with us.!
We have changed how you register on our scheme!
  1. Register your details in our online shop!!
  2. Buy the £5 Kerbside Pack
We currently have a waiting list for all new customers as we have recently reorganised, but you can contact us to check your progress!

We have a new system, where you need to sort the recycling into different bags, which can be found on our web pages.

  • KERBSIDE PACKS - Need to be purchased for all new customers for £5.00
  • TETRA-PAK does incur a charge of £3 per 80L Bag, as unfortunately can only be recycled at one point! Bank or PayPal details are available on request
  • TERRACYCLE - These can be included in our Kerbside Bags
  • Frequencies are either Fortnightly or Monthly ONLY
  • If you have any heavy items, put into another bag before using our coloued ones!


Please do check your emails as sometimes they come through as spam. Email address is - Please add to your friend list - Thank you 

Please register at the following website address:


If you have any questions or need any further clarification, please do feel free to call us on 07340 606346 or use our contact form.


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