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Recycling is the simple thing that makes a big difference to our oceans, wildlife and ourselves. You have most likely seen videos and photos of our ocean creatures swimming in oceans surrounded by plastic and man-made materials, but did you know… 


  • Microplastics have been found in the human body (gasp!) 
  • Plastic can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade in a landfill
  • Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth four times
  • That only 25% of all plastics that are recycled each year get recycled? 


Some scary facts there but you can make a difference by making one small change - let us have your recycling and we will recycle 100% of it. All you need to do is fill in this form and one of our team will contact you to arrange a pick-up day and frequency. All you need to do is put the recycling in a white or clear plastic bag on the collection day. 


The types of plastic we can take: 


  • Plastic bottles (milk bottles, shampoo bottles etc) 
  • Milk top lids
  • Wrapping paper (as long as it doesn’t have glitter on) 
  • Cardboard (Folded, please)
  • Any plastic that has a traingle with a number or type


What happens to the recycling we collect?

We make new products with the recycled materials, which are available on our shop. We are also looking to open an education centre where you can bring your children along to see the process and make something new!!

Any excess, we pass onto a recycling company, where 100% off the items are recycled into new products or to make renewable energy. Nothing will go to lanfill or into the oceans. 

Is there any plastic you can’t recycle?

What happens to this?

If we do end up with plastic that can’t be recycled then it will be sent for incineration so that it doesn’t end up in landfill. 

So, there you have it, you can do your bit for the environment by letting us have your recycling. Simply fill in the contact form and a member of our recycling team will get in touch. 

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The team at Bead Services are dedicated to helping the environment and recycling as much as possible.


Contact us now to talk about how we can help you recycle more!!

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